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Risk Management (BCM)

Basic Philosophy

Our Company continuously improves its capabilities to respond to and recover from various threats surrounding our business operations, aiming to realize a stable supply of our commercial products even in the event of a disaster, accident or other emergency to assume social responsibility and win the confidence of stakeholders.

BCP/BCM (Business Continuity Planning/Management) policy

The BCM Secretariat promotes the continuous improvement of BCM operations under the following policy:


We will specify key business operations for early resumption and target periods for their restoration even in the event of an emergency.

We will assess threats and risks jeopardizing business continuity and systematically implement measures required to realize business continuity.



We aim to improve our organized crisis response capabilities by specifying emergency response plans and implementing education and training on an ongoing basis.


We will continue to assess BCP/BCM initiatives and address continuous improvements to upgrade our business continuity.

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