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Corporate Philosophy

At Asahi Diamond Industrial Group we are committed to making the impossible possible. We contribute to excellence in manufacturing across all industries, and support the development of society.

In the world of manufacturing, where the pace of technological progress is ever accelerating, tackling complex problems is a daily challenge.

“Every solution starts with innovation”

Our unique technologies and solutions are continuously emerging.
This is sparked by the excitement that comes from imagining advancements in the future.

Together with our customers, we strive to enhance manufacturing processes, contributing to the development of society.

Stand Alone

We are at the vanguard of world change, and shall use our groundbreaking technology and global organizational strength to continue providing products and solutions that only we can make possible.


Eternal Growth

In order to make growth sustainable we establish ourselves as the most trustworthy choice for customers engaged in manufacturing across the globe.

Job Satisfaction

​We strive to be an efficient company, by linking job satisfaction with individual growth while fostering character.



We shall set clear and aggressive targets and work tirelessly until they have been achieved.

We shall challenge ourselves effortlessly to move forward, without fear of change or failure.

We shall anticipate global change and work to achieve transformation from within.

We shall identify needs that our customers have yet to realize.

We shall inspire our customers beyond their expectations.

We shall be driven by the gratitude of customers.


We shall build a borderless organization rooted in ceaseless cooperation.

We shall build relationships of mutual trust that are respectful of different cultures and customs.

We shall seek out effective collaborations with customers, cooperating companies, and research institutes.


We shall embrace the unique qualities of individuals leading to continuous growth.

We shall not be limited by strict organizational framework but work on the “right people, right place, right time” basis.

We shall set our sights on the future and develop our staff from a medium- to long-term perspective.

We shall be global pioneers in the provision of most suitable products and solutions.

We shall achieve ever greater results through appropriate judgment and timely action.

We shall remain constantly alert in order to be the first to seize global trends.

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