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Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels : for internal grinding

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Vitrified bond CBN wheels are also used for internal grinding of various auto parts, including transmission gears, injection nozzles, cross joint caps,  connecting rods, CVJ outer races and raceways and spherical surfaces. They are also used for internal grinding of bearing inner races, compressor and pump parts. The wheels can be applied to a wide variety of materials, including cemented steel, carbon steel, bearing steel, sintered alloy, etc.

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Newly developed resin bond MEGASTAR shows remarkable performance in double disc grinding of powderd metal.


Diamond roller dressers are used for forming and dressing conventional abrasive grinding wheels and CBN wheels. Since these dressers are capable of accurate and speedy form dressing, they can effectively be used to mass produce work parts with a high degree of accuracy. Diamond roller dressers are available in sintered and electroforming types.


A rotary dresser for gear grinding which mainly uses an external tooth grinding wheel. We manufacture dressers for various grinding methods and can provide products specifically designed according to customer gear specifications.


Regularly aligned diamond pattern that reduces # of working grains, resulting in better Dress-Ability. Unique pattern of diamond enable its Free-Dressing ability even on complicated formed shapes & sections.

We offer a lineup of four rotary dressers for copy grinding: metal truer, electroplated truer, PRISMA Dresser and whetstone dresser. We will select the optimum specifications according to specification and dimension requirements, dressing conditions and other needs.


A single-pointed dresser mounted with a synthetic mono-crystalline diamond on the tip and with a cutting edge produced through grinding. Offers a more stable dressing performance compared to natural diamond dressers. The cutting edge can be replaced with pyramid-shaped and cone-shaped types, allowing work to be performed under the same dressing conditions as natural diamond dressers.

This is a sintered rotary dresser that excels in dressing and forming performances. Particularly, the dresser is useful for forming super-hard grinding wheels. Diamonds are spirally set with the abrasive grain interval widened in the circumferential direction to improve sharpness and with the interval narrowed in the cross direction to uniformly form grinding wheels. As a result, grinding has become more efficient and accurate.


A diamond dresser has one or more diamonds mounted on the tip of its shank and is used for truing and dressing grinding wheels. The efficiency of grinding and finishing depends on the quality of the dresser. Asahi Diamond manufactures a broad range of diamond dressers, including:



  • Single-point dressers

  • Pyramid dressers

  • Conical dressers

  • Forming dressers

  • Multi-point dressers

  • Blade dressersBond dressers

  • Impregnated dressers



  • Single Point

  • Formed Type

  • Blade Type

  • Cone Point

  • Roller Dresser Type

PRISMA DRESSER improve’s tool life and dress quality by using polycrystalline diamond, proven to be more durable than mono-crystal synthetic diamond which is prone to cracking and shorter tool life.
Consistent diamond wear is due to consistent cross sectional area through length of the polycrystalline diamond, making it very suitable for automated dressing operations.
Various polycrystalline diamond dimensions are available to meet specific needs of each application and customer.
Polycrystalline diamond provides consistent dresser performance and ability through out the tool so no need to orient the diamond.



SUNPAX reamers are made with focus on stable quality, based on control over reamers’ key properties such as the outside diameter and run-out tolerance, using our advanced processing technologies. We can also design them to meet high-precision demands for surface finish, circularity, and coaxiality and allow rapid feeding. We satisfy your needs with our extensive product lineup from specifications to additional value types.


Thrust can be significantly reduced by switching from a conventional straight edge reamer to a helical reamer, and it allows rapid feeding and contributes to higher productivity.


We design edges for your needs to improve the efficiency of various types of processing such as milling, grooving, spot facing, and curve facing. It is also possible to make spiral types for high-speed cutting, high-precision ball shapes, and taps. Applications include high-precision and high-efficiency processing of metal molds, compressors, FRP, acrylic, and so on.


To meet the market demand for high productivity, we developed helical type drills with a diamond compact, which allows rapid feeding and reduces thrust. Also available are special types that solve exit burr and chip obstruction problems. They also allow you to integrate processes by adopting one-pass finish and multistep edges.


As a solution to chip obstruction, one of the problems in cutting, we specially treated the edge to cut chips much smaller and therefore you can avoid such troubles as chips coiling around and remaining in the workpiece.


Replacing iron and cemented carbide with diamond extends the service life of wear parts and helps reduce running costs.
・Centerless Blades (Work-Rest): SUNPAX also greatly improves accuracy and efficiency at the work-rest of a centerless grinding machine.
・Shoe & Rest: The shoe and rest are used for fixing workpieces on a grinding machine. SUNPAX used for the shoe and rest increases their accuracy and durability.
・Gauge Heads: Diamond or SUNPAX applied to gauge heads for measuring the dimensions of machined parts reduces wear and improves measuring accuracy due to its durability.


As a solution for special tooling, a tooling holder and a reamer are integrated, making it possible to shorten the length and increase the rigidity of the tool and therefore meet high precision demands. We can also manufacture these according to various holder standards.

The reamer controls the diametral accuracy of tools at the micron level and provides excellent processing accuracy and sharpness.


With our processing know-how and a wide selection of diamond/CBN blanks, we offer standard and custom-made products and also special-specification (chip breakers, wipers, etc.) designs and thus help you improve productivity in processing various materials (aluminum, nonferrous metals, hardened steel, cast iron ,sintered metals, etc.)


These models are economical, have CBN edges in the two corners, and therefore allow you to reduce tool costs in cutting processes.


AZLife is a new bond with increased bond strength. It offers the same sharpness while achieving a dramatic improvement in service life, compared with conventional products.

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