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Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Asahi Diamond Industrial aims to contribute to society through manufacturing, repairing and selling diamonds and CBN (cubic boron nitride) tools. Among enterprise operations, we have positioned environmental conservation and improvement initiatives as some of the top priority business challenges and established the following basic policy under the basic philosophy that


Basic Policy


Reduce industrial waste and energy consumption

Attempt to reduce harmful substances



Strive to develop products giving consideration to the environment

We have environmental management systems (EMS) in place and all of our factories in Japan and Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe are ISO 14001 certified. Diamond tools, our mainstay products, are widely adopted as environment-friendly tools. In particular, electroplated diamond wire greatly contributes to environmental protection because greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions during use are far less than those in the case of using the conventional loose-abrasive grain method. EcoMEP is widely used in manufacturing processes for solar panels, sapphire substrates for LEDs and other products. The Green Procurement Guidelines support our efforts to create environmentally friendly products. We are implementing environmental protection measures over the medium to long term. For example, we are making a Group-wide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We provide environmental education for our employees and are working to raise their awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

History of ISO14001 certification acquisition



The head office (the General Affairs Department of the Administration Division and the Planning Department of the Planning Division), Mie Factory, Tamagawa Factory, Chiba Tsurumai Factory, Chiba No. 2 Factory, and Yamanashi Asahi Diamond Industrial acquire ISO14001:1996 certification by Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd. (JCQA), with registration number JCQA-E-0530.


Shifting to the ISO14001:2004 certification

Qaulity initiatives

Based on development capabilities and manufacturing technology fostered over a long time, Asahi Diamond Industrial has established the following basic policy under the basic philosophy that



Plan to realize products responding to customer needs and expectations and stably provide them


Manufacture products while complying with relevant laws, regulations and agreements and implement follow-up support to allow customers to use our products safely and securely


Strive to develop new products giving consideration to the global environment


Review quality management systems through management review and improve their effectiveness continuously in order to raise customer satisfaction


Set quality targets based on the quality policy, develop and implement action plans and review them to improve performance

Quality Management System (QMS)

Within our group, all factories in Japan, Yamanashi Asahi Diamond Co., Koremura Co. and foreign subsidiary companies Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe SAS, PT. Asahi Diamond Industrial Indonesia, Taiwan Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Shanghai Xu Hui Diamond Industrial Co. and Shinhan Diamond Industrial Co. have built quality management systems and acquired ISO9001 certification.

ISO9001 certification acquisition



Chiba Tsurumai Factory acquires ISO9002:1994 certification by JQA.


Mie Factory and Tamagawa Factory acquire ISO9002:1994 certification by JCQA


Yamanashi Asahi Diamond Industrial acquires ISO9002:1994 certification by JCQA


Mie Factory, Tamagawa Factory, and Chiba Tsurumai Factory shift to integrated ISO9001:2000 certification with registration number JCQA-0096.


Yamanashi Asahi Diamond Industrial integrated


Shift to ISO9001:2008 certification

Our group has built a production system with six bases in Japan to provide high-quality products. Domestic and overseas production bases cooperate proactively to exchange human resources and technology to secure high quality for all products.
While customers’ requirements have grown tougher year by year, we have retained the attitude of providing products exceeding customers’ expectations with our production capabilities backed by advanced technology and unshakable production setup we have nurtured over a long time. In the future, all production bases will be united to provide comprehensive services.

As diamond tools are used for manufacturing, particularly to process expensive industrial materials, in a wide range of industries, it is very important to stabilize their quality and supply.
We must develop arrangements to realize stable production and guarantee the quality of products, while exploring potential improvements.

Thorough efforts to stabilize supply

Every process is required to secure a stable supply.
Backing up our products’ high quality is a system to secure a stable supply in all purchasing, production, inspection, and delivery processes.
For purchasing materials, we have developed a system to procure strictly selected materials for guaranteeing a stable supply via reliable routes.
As for manufacturing systems, we record dates for routine maintenance checkups. Furthermore, we secure thorough management at each manufacturing front to maintain high accuracy.


Seeking to exceed customers’ expectations with valuable


About 90% of our products are produced on order from customers.
Since producing the most valuable products for customers is most important, we see our production processes as covering our delivery of products to customers to gain customer satisfaction.
We ship products meeting customers’ different requirements in their respective best states and send engineers to customers as necessary to hear their requests. We believe that this practice can add value to our products.

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