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Human Resource Development

We believe that each employee’s growth will lead to the Company’s growth. This is our human resources development policy. We have introduced training systems to help employees grow to flourish in their respective fields. Seeking to develop the Company into a truly global enterprise, we frequently conduct technical training for our Company and overseas group firms to promote personnel exchange, giving priority to human relations. We develop experts in various fields while keeping their expertise high.

Management Training

We implement collective training to lead new managers to effectively use given business resources for the visions and goals of their respective sections, nurture their deputies and conduct team management to make team-based achievements. Our e-learning system is designed for new managers to voluntarily learn how to lead and nurture deputies, organizational management and strategic planning.


Marketing employee training

In efforts to improve marketing skills of marketing employees, we check their product and technology knowledge and lead them to actually operate machines to experience our products.


New employee training

Under the biggest goal of switching the mindset of new employees from that of students to that of business people, we conduct practical training on business manners and training camps for teamwork development. Eight months after joining the Company, new employees undergo follow-up training to review events in the period, recognize their respective challenges, reaffirm basic Company matters and acquire product knowledge. The Company thus helps new employees become full-fledged workers as soon as possible.

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