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“SOLOTERU” Metal Grinding Wheel with Uniform Distribution of Abrasive Grains


The use of a technique for ensuring an even distribution of abrasive grains within the abrasive layer delivers improved cutting performance together with long life compared to the metal tools traditionally used for machining precision components and mechanical parts made from ceramics and similar materials. The superiority to other tools also includes enhanced cutting performance when machining hard brittle materials and other special materials thanks to the ultra-thin cutting edge of the abrasive layer, with benefits that include minimizing the cutting load and reducing chipping.


A single-pointed dresser mounted with a synthetic mono-crystalline diamond on the tip and with a cutting edge produced through grinding. Offers a more stable dressing performance compared to natural diamond dressers. The cutting edge can be replaced with pyramid-shaped and cone-shaped types, allowing work to be performed under the same dressing conditions as natural diamond dressers.


A diamond dresser has one or more diamonds mounted on the tip of its shank and is used for truing and dressing grinding wheels. The efficiency of grinding and finishing depends on the quality of the dresser. Asahi Diamond manufactures a broad range of diamond dressers, including:



  • Single-point dressers

  • Pyramid dressers

  • Conical dressers

  • Forming dressers

  • Multi-point dressers

  • Blade dressersBond dressers

  • Impregnated dressers



  • Single Point

  • Formed Type

  • Blade Type

  • Cone Point

  • Roller Dresser Type

PRISMA DRESSER improve’s tool life and dress quality by using polycrystalline diamond, proven to be more durable than mono-crystal synthetic diamond which is prone to cracking and shorter tool life.
Consistent diamond wear is due to consistent cross sectional area through length of the polycrystalline diamond, making it very suitable for automated dressing operations.
Various polycrystalline diamond dimensions are available to meet specific needs of each application and customer.
Polycrystalline diamond provides consistent dresser performance and ability through out the tool so no need to orient the diamond.



SUNPAX reamers are made with focus on stable quality, based on control over reamers’ key properties such as the outside diameter and run-out tolerance, using our advanced processing technologies. We can also design them to meet high-precision demands for surface finish, circularity, and coaxiality and allow rapid feeding. We satisfy your needs with our extensive product lineup from specifications to additional value types.


Thrust can be significantly reduced by switching from a conventional straight edge reamer to a helical reamer, and it allows rapid feeding and contributes to higher productivity.


We design edges for your needs to improve the efficiency of various types of processing such as milling, grooving, spot facing, and curve facing. It is also possible to make spiral types for high-speed cutting, high-precision ball shapes, and taps. Applications include high-precision and high-efficiency processing of metal molds, compressors, FRP, acrylic, and so on.


To meet the market demand for high productivity, we developed helical type drills with a diamond compact, which allows rapid feeding and reduces thrust. Also available are special types that solve exit burr and chip obstruction problems. They also allow you to integrate processes by adopting one-pass finish and multistep edges.


As a solution to chip obstruction, one of the problems in cutting, we specially treated the edge to cut chips much smaller and therefore you can avoid such troubles as chips coiling around and remaining in the workpiece.


Replacing iron and cemented carbide with diamond extends the service life of wear parts and helps reduce running costs.
・Centerless Blades (Work-Rest): SUNPAX also greatly improves accuracy and efficiency at the work-rest of a centerless grinding machine.
・Shoe & Rest: The shoe and rest are used for fixing workpieces on a grinding machine. SUNPAX used for the shoe and rest increases their accuracy and durability.
・Gauge Heads: Diamond or SUNPAX applied to gauge heads for measuring the dimensions of machined parts reduces wear and improves measuring accuracy due to its durability.


As a solution for special tooling, a tooling holder and a reamer are integrated, making it possible to shorten the length and increase the rigidity of the tool and therefore meet high precision demands. We can also manufacture these according to various holder standards.


SUNCREA realizes sharpness and service life which could not be obtained with conventional metal bonds in sapphire, carbide, hard brittle materials such as ceramics and ferrite, hard magnetic materials such as neodymium iron, iron-based materials such as sintered parts, contributing to processing efficiency improvement and cost reduction.


Metal bond CBN wheels are used for vertical spindle surface grinding of tool materials, fluting and gash grinding of end mills, and profile grinding in which the life and form of work pieces is essential.


Vitrified bond CBN wheels are used in the thread grinding of rolling dies, ball screws, and taps, as well as for form grinding of die punches and working tools and the grinding of machine bed surfaces.


Superhard alloy products Cermet, SUNPAX, and other Asahi Diamond tools are used to process furniture and building products made of everything from wood to new materials. Diamond wheels are essential for shaping and grinding such material. We have wheels with various bonds suited to different types of material.


“POWER DRY” shows remarkable performance in dry grinding of tungsten carbide.


This is a polyx wheel that achieves an astounding performance in heavy grinding of cemented carbide. Available options include the CS2 bond offering excellent sharpness for high efficiency grinding, and the CS5 bond designed to offer a longer service life.


Best Lap : Freer cutting for Cermet and Tungsten carbide materials.
Hyper Cup : “PCBN” made periphery grinding of an edge of a blade exchange chip achieving high precision and a super-life
Power Metal : Sharp Metal wheels keep long and stable cutting ability in grinding hard tungsten carbide and cermet materials.


ASPIRE POLYX wheels have achieved higher sharpness and longer service lives than conventional resin and polyx bonds for processing crustaceous materials such as carbide, ceramics, glass, and iron materials. Their flexible grinding cover grinding performances of metal or vitrified bonds and improve processing efficiency with reduced costs.


This is a diamond wheel that uses a metallic bond developed based on the ASPIRE POLYX bond. The wheel can perform high-speed feeding of creep feed grinding for cemented carbide. With excellent shape-maintaining performance, the wheel adapts for low-to-high horsepower grinding machines (excluding those for dry grinding). Truing and dressing of the wheel are as easy as those with a resin bond wheel.

“AERO METAL” Super-Porous Metal Bond Wheels


AERO METAL provides significantly improved cutability compared to past metal bonds due to its porous structure (with open pores) that uses a metallic bonding material, providing easier circulation of grinding fluid and being less prone to shedding chips. It can satisfy a wide range of requirements, from ease of cutting to long life, with the chemical bond between the bond and abrasive grains helping retain these grains.

“Fine Master”


“Fine Master” resolve stock removal, clogging in Simultaneous Grinding, and abnomal wear. On the other hand, “Fine Master” enhances flatness and roughness in Mirror Grinding with high accuracy and efficiency.

“Bright Star” High Quality Lapping Elasticity Bond Wheels


Super abrasive resin wheel to expand standard working area. The feature of the bond is highly elastic & a special structure. Hard type BRS2, has hardness and toughness to grip abrasive grain.  Flexible type BRS5, is porous and soft. And both of them uses elastic resin.

A new type of bond with a special structure and high elasticity unseen in the conventional Bright Star bond, developed for the purpose of expanding the processing area of resin bond wheels for lapping, mirror finishing, polishing and other processes.

Grinding sintered body tools is an arduous process entailing the simultaneous grinding of sintered body parts and carbide parts, with stringent requirements on shortening cycle time and reducing costs and defect rates. To meet these requirements, we have developed optimum bonds for each tool application.


Single type cutting wheels have a steel core with a diamond or CBN abrasive grain on the outer rim. Available with various selections of grains (diamond or CBN), bond (metal, resin, electroplated), cutting edge shape (V, R-shape) and core design (Straight, Under-neck relief, All relief).


With our processing know-how and a wide selection of diamond/CBN blanks, we offer standard and custom-made products and also special-specification (chip breakers, wipers, etc.) designs and thus help you improve productivity in processing various materials (aluminum, nonferrous metals, hardened steel, cast iron ,sintered metals, etc.)


These models are economical, have CBN edges in the two corners, and therefore allow you to reduce tool costs in cutting processes.


The grinding ability of this wheel is extensively advanced by improving the element of polyx bond and making CBN abrasive grit retention stronger. As a result, it achieves outstanding performance in heavy grinding for all kinds of steel materials.


“VMB” Vitrified Bond Wheel promises excellent sharpness and processing accuracy for grinding of PCD / PCBN tools.


“Poroustar Polyx” provides fast grinding of fluting of tungsten carbide drills, end milling cutters, and reaming cutters.


The accuracy of wire guides determines the precision of wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) which is used for metal forming processes in various industries.
Asahi Diamond has developed this highly functional diamond wire guide jointly with electrical discharge machining equipment manufacturers.


By using diamond for water jet nozzles, water stream width can be minimized, directness and ultrahigh pressure achieved resulting in higher precision and longer life. Furthermore, by expanding the width of the water stream, the nozzle can also be used for cleaning and removal of burrs.


This is a nozzle used widely for holing device wafers and sensor substrates, forming grooving electrodes, texturing stainless steel plates, processing PDP cover glass, shot peening, removing burrs, surface preparation and cleaning for plating, painting and bonding, etc. The nozzle excels in abrasion resistance and has a long service life, achieving stable high-precision processing.


The diamond sprue bush is most suitable for the mold injection of filler-reinforced plastics. Excelling in abrasion resistance, the sprue bush suppresses progress in abrasion at the nozzle touch section that could trigger a resin leak. It achieves advanced finishing of a diamond that is hard and less wet. The sprue bush has a 10-times-longer service life than a conventional iron bush, contributing to waste reduction.


The special paste and diluting fluid can sustain high performance over a long time even in a small volume. The SP-WO allows economic lapping and polishing processes to be conducted for every material type when diluting fluid is used appropriately. Slurry that excels in uniform dispersibility, lubricity and cooling effects allows you to take maximum advantage of diamonds’ excellent capabilities to achieve high-precision finished surfaces.

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