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The Asahi Diamond Group Sustainability Policy

The Asahi Diamond Group has established this Sustainability Policy, in addition to its Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct, as the foundation for all business activities and as basic matters that every individual officer and employee must implement and follow in order to contribute to society.
In accordance with this policy, we will thoroughly enforce corporate ethics and compliance, and act appropriately in order to achieve continuous and sound development and growth for the future of the Group.

Human Rights

Respect for human rights and prohibition of discriminatory treatment

We respect the human rights of all people, and do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, social status, disability, or other. Furthermore, we will eliminate discrimination in employment, and strive to achieve equal opportunity and fairness in treatment.

Ensuring and accepting diversity

We respect diversity in the way of thinking and the values of all people, and will enhance the abilities and motivation of each individual, and transform each other’s strengths into the power of a vibrant organization.

Prohibition of harassment

We respect the personalities and humanity of all people, and will not behave or engage in harassment (all harassment, including sexual harassment and power harassment) of any person in a way that denies their personality or humanity.

Prohibition of forced labor and child labor

We comply with the labor-related laws and regulations of each country and region, and will eliminate compulsory labor and labor against a person’s will (forced labor) and the employment of children under the minimum employment age stipulated in the laws and regulations of each country and region (child labor). In addition, we request the same of our business partners.

Respect for basic labor rights

We respect basic labor rights, including the right of employees to organize and their right to collective bargaining, based on the relevant laws and regulations of each country and region.


Adapting to social demands

We are conscious of the fact that all our business activities affect society and our stakeholders, and we act in a way so as to adapt to social demands.

Community communication and social contribution

We respect the attachment that local residents have for their local community, and promote corporate activities that take this into consideration. In addition, we proactively consider social contribution and environmental issues, and implement voluntary responses and actions.

Terminating relationships with antisocial forces


We terminate all relationships with antisocial forces that threaten the order and security of civil society.

Relationship with politics

We maintain a transparent and fair relationship with politics, and comply with the relevant laws and regulations of each country and region when making political contributions and donations.

Labor Environment

Compliance with labor laws and regulations

We comply with the labor-related laws and regulations of each country and region, and execute appropriate employment management in accordance with internal regulations such as employment regulations.

Ensuring health and safety

Recognizing that ensuring workplace safety is a prerequisite for business execution, we endeavor to create a safe, hygienic, and healthy workplace environment.

Creating a motivating workplace

We establish a system to support diverse work styles, promote the autonomous work/life management of employees, and achieve both the sustainable growth of the Company and the enrichment of individuals’ lives. In addition, regardless of the workplace, we create a workplace culture where people take pride in the Company and the workplace and feel motivated.

Global Environment

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We conduct business activities, including product development, manufacturing, sales, purchasing, logistics, and disposal, in compliance with the laws and regulations of each country and region and with internal regulations regarding the environment.

Conservation of the global environment

We strive to conserve the global environment, including through the reduction of greenhouse gases, the elimination and reuse of waste products, the conservation of water resources, and the appropriate management of chemical substances. We also strive to prevent pollution, and contribute to the realization of a resource circulating society while aiming to conserve energy and resources and utilize renewable energy.

Contributing to a society that coexists with nature

We will deepen our knowledge of environmental issues and endeavor to reduce the environmental impact, conserve biodiversity, and use sustainable resources, while taking into consideration the impact of all our business activities on the ecosystem, and contribute to the realization of a society that coexists with nature.

Customers and Business Partners

Prohibition of bribery

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of each country and region, we do not provide profit to domestic and overseas customers, business partners, or public servants, etc., in return for the provision of benefits, whether directly or indirectly, nor do we make any promises, offers or requests to that effect.

Moderate entertainment, gifts and invitations

In developing our global business, we provide entertainment, gifts and invitations in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country and region, and within the scope of socially acceptable common practice. In particular, we do not provide entertainment, gifts or invitations to public servants in Japan and overseas that are in violation of the laws and regulations of each country and region.


We position customers, including purchasers and manufacturing contractors, as business partners. As well as respecting them, we work on collaborative business activities while requesting thorough legal compliance and providing improvement guidance.

Products and Services

Understanding and observing rules relating to quality

We thoroughly understand and comply with laws and regulations and internal regulations regarding the quality of products and services, and properly fulfill our contracts with customers.

Ensuring safety and reliability

When developing and manufacturing products, we take care to meet the safety standards stipulated by the laws and regulations of each country and region. In addition, we take necessary measures so as not to harm the life, body or property of our customers, and provide products and services with excellent safety and reliability.

Providing products and services from the customer’s perspective

We create business from the perspective of the customer, have a through commitment to quality, and work to provide products and services from the customer’s perspective.

Fair Trade and International Transactions

Fair trade

We comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region with regard to fair competition and fair trade, and do not commit violations such as cartels, bid rigging, and market divisions. We always conduct fair business activities while paying close attention to our contact with other companies in the same industry.

Prohibition of abuse of superior bargaining position

We do not act to the disadvantage of our business partners, including subcontractors, by abusing our superior bargaining position. We comply with the Subcontract Act and other relevant laws and regulations of each country and region, and maintain equal relationships based on appropriate contracts.

Respect for code of conduct in international transactions

We understand and comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region with regard to international transactions, and preemptively prevent fraud. In addition, we respect the religions, customs, cultures, and traditions of each country and region. In countries and regions that do not meet the social requirements of the Global Code of Conduct, etc., we respect the Global Code of Conduct, etc. to the utmost.

Compliance with import/export-related laws and regulations

We undertake appropriate procedures with regard to the import and export of goods and technology regulated by the laws and regulations of each country and region. We confirm that exported goods and technology are not used for military purposes such as the development, etc. of weapons, and particularly that they are not used for the development, etc. of weapons of mass destruction, etc.

Non-use of conflict minerals

We procure appropriate mineral resources without the use of conflict minerals where the involvement of armed groups or child labor is suspected.

Information Disclosure

Timely and appropriate information disclosure

We aim for highly transparent management by disclosing important company information, such as information on financial results, in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Ensuring the appropriateness of financial reporting

We prepare and disclose financial statements so that our financial position and business results are appropriately disclosed based on laws and regulations, corporate accounting principles, and accounting standards, etc.

Ensuring the appropriateness of tax filing

We possess correct knowledge of taxes, accurately and completely record financial information in all transactions, and make appropriate tax payments without making false numerical statements or reports.

Prohibition of insider trading

We do not trade in securities, etc. using undisclosed important information about listed companies, etc. (insider trading). In addition, in the event that we become aware of such information about a company, we do not leak this information to others until such time that it is published.

Asset Maintenance and Management

Asset maintenance and management

In order to carefully protect and effectively utilize tangible and intangible company assets, we thoroughly manage them in an appropriate manner and do not engage in their improper use or divert them for personal use.

Protection of intellectual property rights

We recognize that the intellectual property rights of a company are an important asset, and we strive to protect those rights and effectively use them. In addition, we respect the intellectual property rights of others, and endeavor not to infringe them.

Appropriate management  and use of information

We effectively use the confidential information of the Company, the confidential information of other companies obtained from business partners, and the personal information of customers and employees, etc., within the scope of its objective, and we undertake the appropriate management and handling of this information to prevent its fraudulent acquisition, its unauthorized disclosure or use, and its leakage outside the Company.

Protection of information systems

We take protective measures against threats on the computer network, and thoroughly manage security so as not to damage the Company or others.

Obligations of Officer and Employees

Implementation of compliance

As a member of the international community, we comply with the relevant laws and regulations of each country and region required for our business activities, and implement these in good faith in recognition that we act in accordance with the values and ethics required of those engaged in business. We do not give business instructions or orders that are in violation of compliance.

Management responsibility

We are determined to take the initiative in complying with the laws and regulations of each country and region and with this Sustainability Policy as a social responsibility that the management team should fulfill, and work on the appropriate operation of internal control and its continuous improvement.

Prohibition of acts in conflict of interest

We will not act in the interests of ourselves or a third party, or act in a way that would damage the interests of the Company based on the information obtained through a person’s position within the Company or in the course of their job performance. In addition, we will not perform any activity or assume any position that may be in conflict with the interests of the Company without obtaining the consent of the Company based on the prescribed procedures.

Response to violations of laws and regulations

In the event that fraudulent acts in violation of laws and regulations and internal rules, or acts that may be considered fraudulent, are detected through our business activities, such acts are reported immediately to superiors or whistleblowing hotlines. We investigate such acts, take corrective action, and seek to prevent their recurrence, and deal strictly with violations. In addition, we do not treat the person who made the report or any person who cooperated with the investigation unfairly or retaliate against them for that reason.

Crisis management and business continuity plans

In order to protect the life and physical safety of everyone involved with the Company, we prepare emergency response measures in anticipation of various disasters and accidents, and communicate them throughout the Company. In addition, in the event of an unforeseen situation, we work on a business continuity plan to promptly restore business activities.

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